Baby has arrived! Well done Mama and congrats ~ but now what?

The first 100 days after your baby arrives earthside can be some of the most overwhelming, challenging and weepy days you will ever experience.

Transitioning into motherhood is hard and we are often left wondering how it happened and why nobody said anything…..

As a physiotherapist, I not only help women cope, heal and survive the physical elements that can be very challenging post-birth but also offer support and guidance before the birth to be prepared.

Just like birth, we can’t control it all and there are aspects that will take us by surprise however having baseline info and knowing who to reach out will empower us so much more.

My final webinar this week will cover the following:

• Abdominal assessment and recovery.
• Safe return to exercise.
• Breastfeeding in the early days.
• Common pelvic floor issues
• Sex after baby.
• Other professionals in your post-partum team!